Productivity Tips

Work Emails Productive Management Guide The average number of emails that a professional receives every day is over 120. But your work inbox may easily receive even hundreds of letters, let alone spam and advertising. In such a case, manual inbox management becomes impossible. In this article, we provide essential things that you can do t... Continue reading 13 Power Tricks For Notion That Change Life Notion is a new sensational productivity app for Mac and Windows. It's taking the market by storm with its clever approach: each note you take is broken down into short blocks. Therefore you have more freedom and mobility whenever organizing your to-dos, bucket lists, ideas,.and schedules. And I... Continue reading How To Know When Your Energy Hits The Top? Your energy fluctuates throughout the day. When it's at its peak — take the hardest and most challenging stuff. When it goes down — switch to something easier, have a snack or kick back a little, watching Bojack Horseman. And these 3 guaranteed ways to calculate the time for the ener... Continue reading Use Chrome on iPhone Easily Google Chrome, one of the best browsers with convenient functionality and stable running, is available for the iPhone. It is considered to be the best alternative to any other browsers for a range of reasons. Firstly, it has a stunning user interface and syncs data across various devices almost imme... Continue reading Work Desk and Productivity I strongly believe that an ergonomic office is a part of success in any business. And a well-arranged work desk is a feel-good factor. Even more so, the statistics indicate that almost 80% of people have a desk job and spend all their day long at a table. If you’re one of them, it is vital to... Continue reading Find Your Motivation It is awful when you are not involved in the working process and suffer from a lack of motivation. It does not matter when exactly the excitement disappears, but it happens rather often, and that, of course, reduces productivity. But what is more important: it ruins our mood and our health. There ar... Continue reading Five Do’s and Don’ts to Achieve More The sand of time is one of the most poetic and the saddest metaphors ever. We think we’re sifting the moments of golden inspiration, but the sand slips through our fingers, and so much is left undone. Can we avoid it? Yes, we can, if we resist some of the strongest temptations of the working d... Continue reading