You Can Finally Mute Android Auto Notifications Android Auto is designed to make the driving experience more convenient. However, the previous versions of the service were quite distractive because of notifications. It was impossible to turn off the sound! At last, Google fixed it, and now you can mute notifications to focus on the road. Another... Continue reading The Release Date of Ark Genesis DLC PostponedThe Release Date of Ark Genesis DLC Postponed Ark Survival Evolved Genesis from Studio Wildcard is a much-awaited DLC. It was expected in January 2020. However, the new post from developers canceled previous plans. But don’t worry, the Ark Genesis will still be released, just a little bit later. It is a month late. Instead of January, pla... Continue reading Project Xehanort Of Kingdom Hearts Will Be Released in 2020 Kingdom Hearts famous series released its last Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC game only recently. There were new vicious bosses and interesting characters to play. Mash-up series with Disney is still extremely popular among players across the world. And while everyone is talking about the latest releases, Squ... Continue reading Google Updates Cloud Certifications Google Cloud released 2 new types of certifications. They are designed for technical leaders and DevOps. The Certified Fellow program can now identify technical leaders to help them improve businesses using multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud technologies. The DevOps certification is aimed to detect talent... Continue reading Google I/0 Conference Dates Revealed It is a well-known fact that Google is thinking beforehand. And when at the end of January the company has revealed the dates for its major conference in 2020, it was not actually a surprise. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of the company, made an announcement on his Twitter page. He revealed that Google I/O... Continue reading Fate Of The Galaxy Shares New Trailer This is the first gameplay trailer form Fate of the Galaxy game. The FotG developers have recently announced that the space combat from the first-person perspective, Fate of the Galaxy, is coming. The action takes place in the Star Wars Universe. Developers promise that the new game will contain spa... Continue reading 117 Brand New Emoji Will Hit 2020 Soon According to the Unicode official blog, the latest version of Unicode Emoji, 13.0, is ready to come to your mobile device. The final version of the global international emoji update includes 117 new designs for a wide range of situations. You’re not likely to receive them all at once, but the... Continue reading Coronavirus Started The Biggest Remote Work Experiment Dreaming about working from home? It’s high time to do so to minimize the risk of being infected by the coronavirus. While public establishments are becoming more and more deserted or even shut down, office-based businesses search for virtual solutions to protect their employees and remain pro... Continue reading New Apple 2020 Smart Keyboard to Come Soon It seems that iPad and iPad Pro owners will soon be able to update their Smart Keyboards. According to reports of the popular Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the updated Smart Keyboard will have a scissor-switch design that the new 16-inch MacBook Pro is supplied with. Other MacBooks will get the keyboa... Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Android 10 Recently, Google has released the first stable update for Android 10. The software has not received the traditional ‘dessert; name, and so far is only available for Pixel smartphones. Android 10 also contains over 50 security and privacy improvements that will benefit not only users but als... Continue reading Which Day Is The Most Productive Of The Week? Many people notice how their productivity changes throughout the workweek. On some days it's better to complete important projects, on others — to finish small things, and, of course, there are days, when you don't want to plan anything. A recent survey on the Canadian office workers h... Continue reading Collaborative Messenger: Why You Should Abandon It? If you are a manager, it is especially important for you to make the whole team work as one organism. Collaborative messengers or chats came to the world of modern business to increase productivity and become the main tool for collaboration in companies around the world. Services like Teams, Slack,... Continue reading